Departmental Objective:

In the English department, we aim to encourage students to read with clear understanding and to develop their analytical skills, and to write clearly, imaginatively and effectively. We also aim to develop effective listening and oracy skills, and to facilitate the development of students' knowledge and skills in critical thinking.


There are 5 spacious classrooms which are all equipped with interactive whiteboards.

Extra-Curricular Activities

Aspire Book Club - We have a Book Club for students which is well attended in all year groups, and even has a few staff members. The group meets once per term and, in association with Urmston Library (which supplies half of our copies), we are able to lend each member a copy of the current read. So far we have enjoyed Divergent by Veronica Roth, Ways to Live Forever by Sally Nicholls, and Wonder by RJ Palacio. Book Club takes place after school and we focus on reading for pleasure - it is not about work, just about loving books! We recently went to see the film of our latest book, A Monster Calls, and we thought it was fantastic.......although, of course, the book's better!

Intervention Teaching - Various staff work to support some students to make progress if their achievement is behind that of their peers. Targeted skills are developed with students to enable them to improve their achievement in line with expected levels.

English as an Additional Language - For learners for whom English is not their first language, we are creating a bank of reading material and dedicated specialist time is used to help these learners access the curriculum and the English language as quickly as possible. Class teachers differentiate their lessons and work with specialist Learning Support in order to effectively help EAL students.

Revision Sessions - Ahead of major examination dates, the department runs before/after school revision sessions to assist learners in their preparation for examinations. In these sessions, students practise those skills which will be required for the writing exam; they hone their analytical skills for the media/non-fiction paper; they revise set texts and poems; and they also focus on how to write essays effectively. We also offer Walking Talking Mocks in the run up to final exams in May/June.

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