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Home Learning

Introduction to homework

Home Learning adds another year of education. Research has shown that over the 5 years of secondary school, students can add another year’s worth of learning if they maximise on home learning opportunities set across Key Stage 3 and 4. This is why we take home learning seriously as it offers students a real chance to enhance what happens in the classroom.  Our main way to set and monitor home learning is through ShowMyHomework (SMHW), operated by SatchelOne. Teachers set homework, with details of a task and a deadline, monitor its submission and then update a grade-book, which can be seen by all those who can access account details. For learners and their parents/carers, a free app is available to be used on home devices. The SMHW system helps learners and their parents/carers know what exactly needs doing for which subject and teacher, improve time-management and personal organisation by using the deadlines to manage workload and monitor the outcomes of homework once it has been submitted. It is also possible to message staff on SMHW if assistance is needed over a homework task.
Since our return in September 2020, we have slowly increased the expectation with regard to home learning, conscious that some initial adjustment time was necessary after the summer term of 2020. We now expect students to be back into good learning routines and that they take home learning opportunities seriously. We know that it:
  • Involves parents/carers and keep them informed about the learning of students
  • Helps with personal skills, such as time-planning
  • Develops students’ capacity to cope with independent learning, so important for the demands of GCSE, consolidating classroom learning
  • Prepares students effectively for the routines needed for successful study and revision for GCSEs