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Message for all KS3 students:
The PE department have ate far too much over the Christmas holidays and not done enough exercise so they are going to complete the couch to 5KM challenge to help them get fit again and they want you to join them!
This will be your PE work for the next few weeks! So get out and get some fresh air!
This is suitable for anyone so get your family to join in! This challenge will have you running in a few weeks!

Each week you will be sent the training programme and, if you follow it, you will be running in no time!
You can also download the free app from the app store which will talk to you through your headphones and over your music.
Email you teacher when you have completed each run so we can keep track of it. Why not use a running app such as strava or Nike to track your distance. If you do, please email us the distance you have completed.

Good luck and keep on running!!!!

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