Year 6 Transition Information

New Beginnings

As we welcome you on Monday 7th September at 8.50am, please know that staff have been very busy preparing for your safe start at St Antony's. We realise that it can be daunting starting at a new school, but it can be very exciting too. Please remember that you are not alone and your peers are going through the same experiences. Help is always available!
Have a listen to the following poem and we hope it helps to ease any anxieties you may have.

Year 7 Curriculum

Curriculum Booklet

Calm Connections

British Snakes

Of the four snake species that live wild in Britain, only the adder (Vipera berus) is venomous. But they're not aggressive, just rather shy and reclusive. Find out more about the snakes that live in the UK and how to identify them:

The Young People's Trust for the Environment

Looking for some new activities to inspire your children? Young People's Trust for the Environment have created a new learning pack about garden birds. It includes designs for making bird feeders from recycled materials, research ideas, maths & word problems, art projects & games.…/home-learning-pack-garden-birds

National Literacy Trust

New research has found that reading during lockdown has inspired children to dream big and supported their mental wellbeing. Read more here:

Salmon Hollandaise

Did you know that fish is good for the brain? Let Mr Reynard show you how to make this delicious fish dish:…/Salmon%20Hollandaise.mp4…

Meet the Staff

Meet the staff

Manchester United Foundation

For lots of activity worksheets and video challenges, please click on the following link:

Today is National Don't Step on a Bee Day!

Bees are so important to us and the ecosystem, but they're really struggling at the moment. Here's 7 ways YOU can help bees and other wildlife at home.

St Antony's Bake Off

Every summer, many of us enjoy watching the creative talents of some of Britain’s best amateur bakers on the Great British Bake-Off. Lots of people have also enjoyed developing their skills in the kitchen during the past few months. Why don't you give it a go! Don’t worry if you are not able to bake a ‘showstopper’ as you can also submit your own design drawings instead.

Option A – Bake something delicious of your choice, submit a good clear photo (preferably with you in!) If you submit a photo, we will take this as consent for us to share it on social media.

Option B – Design a creative bake using the style of the Bake-Off’s illustrator ‘Tom Hovey’ for inspiration. Add colour and labels to show the flavours and details of your design.

Please send your masterpieces to:

Everyone who participates will receive a small reward, good luck!

World Chocolate Day

To celebrate World Chocolate Day, we are sharing our favourite chocolate inspired story, Roald Dahl's Charlie and the Chocolate Factory, we would love to hear yours!

Pupil Handbook

Pupil Handbook 2020

Video Message from Mrs Wright:

The Roald Dahl Writing Challenge

Bring Roald Dahl books to life at home.

Try out this challenge which is inspired by George’s Marvellous Medicine and any budding young chefs will find this one particularly fun!  Don't worry if you haven't read the book, the challenge has been specifically designed so that you can take part regardless of whether or not you have read the book.

Disney on Stage

Fun and free educational activities from The Lion King, Mary Poppins, Aladdin and Frozen to do with your family at home.

Make a Rainbow

Do you know how to make your very own rainbow in your garden?

Click on the following link to find out how:…/Make-a-Rainbow-in-Your-Garden…

Blue Peter's 6 Badges of Summer

Can you earn all 6?!!!! Green, Sport, Music, Blue, Fan Club and Silver

See how you can earn your 6 Blue Peter Badges right now!…

Wake Up Wednesday

Trying to start a conversation about online safety with children can be a daunting task. There are many reasons why children may not want to talk to adults about it.  One might be that they don't think you'll understand or that you won't know how to help if they came to you with an online problem. It can also be hard to start a conversation about something that you might have limited knowledge about.  However, with screen time increasing during the lockdown, it's important now more than ever, to be talking to children about what they are accessing online.

Conversation starters for parents and carers - Online Content

How to make a Butterfly Feeder

Put on a butterfly buffet and observe these intriguing insects feeding.
Get tips for success and find out which butterfly species you're most likely to see:

Writing Competition

Aged between 5 and 13? Enter the 500 word story writing competition. The theme is Black Lives Matter.

Entries must be in by midnight on Friday 3rd July.


Transition work in September will be based around the book 'Wonder' by RJ Palacio. Copies of this book, which is essential reading, are now available from school reception. Please come and collect. School is open between 9am and 3pm. It would be lovely to see you and say hello! With kind regards, Mrs Wright

What insect are you?

Insects are diverse creatures with many talents - able to fly, transform themselves and perform other amazing feats. Which bug are you most like? Find out with our fun quiz.

How to do Hapa Zome

Hapa Zome is an ancient Japanese art form, based on leaf printing. Have a go at making a gorgeous butterfly print from natural dyes in leaves. Give it a bash, literally!

National Writing Day

The aim is to get everyone writing creatively! Give the National Writing Day challenge a go now!

Email your completed pieces to Mrs Smith who is the Literacy Co-ordinator on the following email address: who would be delighted to read your stories.

World Book Day Resources

To encourage reading throughout the year, World Book Day have got a whole range of resources, activity sheets and much more.

Just visit the following website for free access:

Dinosaur Activities

Stan is a Tyrannosaurs Rex and is approximately 65 million years old and although he is now a pile of bones reconstructed into what can technically be called a statue, he was once the most terrifying predator who roamed the earth. Find out more interesting fun facts about Stan and other dinosaurs and learn how to create your very own dinosaur name!

Dinosaur Activities



Win a copy of Talking is Not My Thing! Rose Robbins' latest picture book is about the importance of non-verbal communication for children.
Book Trust are giving you the chance to win a copy.

MEI's Calculator Crunch… it’s fun and it’s free!

To help you with your transition from KS2 to KS3, the Calculator Crunch is a fun way to continue to engage with maths whilst also developing your confidence with calculators.

Have you joined the Silly Squad yet?

Remember to sign up for the Summer Reading Challenge this year and have a super silly summer! For children aged 4-11 years.


Congratulations to Helena and Logan who were two of the winners from the Make Bake Create Competition, with their fantastic textile work and baking. We can't wait to see what you create in your Art, Design & Technology classes when you join us in September.


Things to say when our children feel anxious and scared.

Managing unexpected endings and transitions.

A practical guide to support pupils to manage change during periods of disruption:

Managing unexpected endings and transitions

Coronavirus Toolkit.

The resources in the following toolkit are all about resilience and coping with change:

Coronavirus Toolkit

Humanities Competition:

Travel around the world in 30 days - no passport required!!!

30 days around the world challenge (final)

Submissions to Mr Kearney

The best reports submitted will win a prize - Good luck!!!!

Update from Mrs Wright for incoming Year 7s

Class of 2020 - Welcome to St Antony's Video

Click on the following link to view the welcome video from the Heads of Departments who cannot wait to see you all:

Make Bake Create Competition

Many people have turned to their creativity to help during these difficult times. We have had to think creatively and resourcefully, but this has highlighted so much talent.

Send us clear photos of what you have been doing in the last few weeks. Examples of entries could be:

  • Baking - have you been baking showstoppers?
  • Making - have you been using your practical skills to make things at home, or maybe as gifts?
  • Have you been enjoying drawing and painting?
  • Perhaps you have been getting green-fingered in the garden?
  • Have you been developing your cooking skills making delicious meals or snacks in the kitchen?
  • Or maybe you have been enjoying photography?

Submit your entry to: stating your full name. Prizes available for the top 3 entries - good luck!

Guidance for Parents and Carers

Please click on the following link to see the latest guidance on opening schools and educational settings to more pupils from 1st June:

May Newsletter

To keep you up to date with what the St Antony’s school community has been busy doing during lockdown, I would like to share the attached Newsletter with you.

May Newsletter

Counting Sheep.

A practical guide to a good nights sleep promoting positive mental health for teenagers.


May is the month of Mary and Father Ged, one of our Governors and parish priest for St Hugh’s and St Ann’s, has produced a video for us, explaining the importance of May and showing us how we pray the Rosary. We also have one of our students (Amy) signing the Hail Mary, one of the main prayers of the Rosary. You may wish to use these as guidance and pray the Rosary during the month of May. We’ve also added the sheets that Father Ged refers to.

Praying the Rosary


Elliott McNee from Our Lady of the Rosary is the winner of Mr Derbyshire’s Year 6 Challenge. A box of Celebrations is waiting for you as your prize when you are next passing school. Well done!

One of the most common worries that our new students have is about getting lost in their new school. St Antony’s really is only quite small but we know that it is still bigger than most of your primary schools. To try and minimise this worry we will be producing a set of videos taking you on tours of the school. Here is the first one and we will add another every week so you can get really familiar with the school building.


Letter to Y6 parents 2020

Parent Handbook 2020-2021

Letter to Y6 pupils 2020

It's All About Me Tee!

Year 6 Challenge:

Mr Derbyshire has placed 11 questions/tasks on the roads close to St Antony’s, on Bradfield Road, Humphrey Lane towards the One Stop, Stretford Road and Moss Vale Road.

Why don’t you take some time during your daily exercise to find these questions?

Email with your answers and he’ll be in touch with the winner/s!

Enjoy, Mrs Wright.