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Internal Examinations

For Year 11 (and some Year 10s) the internal examinations are planned for:

  • 4th November – 11th November 2021
  • 10th January – 18th January 2022
  • 3rd March – 11th March 2022

A detailed timetable will be shared with Year 11 and here online ahead of each examination window.

Year 11 are being given support in school at the present time, with how to prepare for examinations properly. Sessions of support include how the brain retains information and how to design an effective revision timetable. Year 11 need to be using this to help themselves prepare the best that they can for internal examinations.

The external examination timetable for summer 2022, and what exactly the examinations might look like in all subjects, are at the consultation and review stages. When we have confirmed information to share with you, we will do so.

In the meantime, the best way to prepare for all internal and external examinations is to work hard each and every lesson, make the most of Period 6 learning and complete all out of school learning that is set to the very best standard.

November 2021 Mock Examinations

Here you will find the support guide from subjects for November 2021.

There are hyper-links in this document, so we have not given hard copies to students. However, 1 can be collected from Reception by families if you would like one.

In addition, students have had this emailed out to their school email address.

And here you will find the Mock examination timetable, starting 2nd November 2021.

Students will all receive an individual timetable before the half term break.

External Examinations Summer 2021

The deadline for appeals for summer 2021 has now passed. Any queries relating to this should be directed to our new Examinations Officer – Mrs Rowles on l.rowles@st-antonys.com

Certificates arrive in school over the autumn term – we look forward to seeing the Year 11 cohort of 2021 on 18th November to collect these. They are important documents that you’ll need for life, so once you do collect them, look after them!

Information for candidates:

St Antony’s Roman Catholic School is committed to ensuring that candidates are fully briefed on the exam and assessment process in place in the centre.

Here is the ‘Information for Candidates 2021-22’ handbook.

The purpose of the handbook is:

  • To make you aware of the required JCQ/awarding body instructions, regulations and information for candidates.
  • To inform candidates about malpractice in examinations/assessments
  • To inform candidates about the use of their personal data and copyright
  • To ensure candidates are provided with all relevant information about their exams and assessments in advance of any exams/assessments being taken
  • To ensure copies of relevant JCQ information for candidates documents and exam room posters are provided in advance of any exams/assessments being taken
  • It also provides some helpful JCQ guidance regarding coursework and controlled assessments.


It is very important that you have read and understand the document before any assessments or exams.

Please click here for a useful video outlining the key information for candidates.

For an interesting blog from Ofqual on Exams and Assessments in 2022, please click here.