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Summer 2021 Results for 2021 cohort

Our Centre Policy for 2021 has been approved by the examination boards. This was a requirement to ensure that we were following the expected protocols, making the decisions for grades in 2021 as fair as possible for all of our students. It is here

By 18th June all examination boards will have received the grading information for the Y11 cohort of 2021 and all students communicated with by a letter from Mrs Harris about what happens next, including Results Day and appeals.

The letter is here

There are also very useful documents with diagrams produced by JCQ and Ofqual to outline what is happening in relation to results for Summer 2021, including from Results Day:


Student guide to awarding: summer 2021 (publishing.service.gov.uk)


Summer timetable for 2022 cohort

Please click here for the new Y11 end of year exam timetable: