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GCSE Results Day 2022

Results day this year is on Thursday 25th August 2022. You can collect your results from school from 9.00am until 12 noon.

Your results must be collected by you. If you are away or unavailable to collect your results on that day, please contact the exams officer, Mrs Rowles on lrowles@st-antonys.com.  We look forward to seeing you on Results Day. In the meantime, be safe and enjoy the summer.

Support with examination revision 

Most students try to revise in the wrong ways, ones that are proven to be the least helpful. So, we’ve been working with KS4, and now KS3, at helping students to have a better understanding of how the brain stores information effectively and methods that students might use to help them remember what they need to know for tests and examinations. There are a series of videos that they have had shared with them in form time – but they are also shared here so that students can access them again:

STAR workshop – Session 1

STAR workshop – Session 2

STAR workshop – Session 3

STAR workshop – Session 4

STAR workshop – Session 5

STAR workshop – Session 6

STAR workshop – Session 7

STAR workshop – Session 8

STAR workshop – Session 9

STAR workshop – Session 10

Internal Examinations

For Year 11 (and some Year 10s) the internal examinations are:

  • 4th November – 11th November 2021
  • 10th January – 18th January 2022
  • 3rd March – 11th March 2022

A detailed timetable will be shared with Year 11 and here online ahead of each examination window.

November 2021 Timetable

January 2022 Timetable

March 2022 Timetable

Year 11 are being given support in school at the present time, with how to prepare for examinations properly. Sessions of support include how the brain retains information and how to design an effective revision timetable. These are shared on the website. Year 11 need to be using this to help themselves prepare the best that they can for internal examinations.

Here you will find attached the Subject specific revision support guide for 2022:

Revision Support Y11 January 22 ALL SUBJECTS

Revision Support Y11 March 22 ALL SUBJECTS

There are hyper-links in this document, so we have not given hard copies to students. In addition, students have had this emailed out to their school email address.

External Examinations 

Summer 2021


The official certificates have arrived in school and are ready for collection. We ask that pupils collect their certificates individually and in person. If pupils would like someone to collect the certificates on their behalf, then this needs to be expressed in writing (this includes collection by parents). Please note that certificates should be kept safe in the future. Replacement certificates are expensive and can only be supplied directly through the exam boards.

Our 2021 leavers achieved a wonderful set of results and we are very proud of all that they have done. They are fully deserving of their achievements and we wish them well for the future.

Summer 2022

Please click here for a link to a ‘Letter for Students’ from Ofqual’s Chief Regulator, Dr Jo Saxton

The government is clear that students entering GCSEs, AS or A levels in 2022 should expect to take exams in the summer and complete any non-exam assessments in the usual way throughout the year.

In recognition of the fact that students’ education has been disrupted by the pandemic, they will be given extra help to prepare for their exams as follows, as confirmed following a joint DfE and Ofqual consultation:

  • students taking GCSEs in English literature, history, ancient history and geography will not need to cover the usual range of content in the exams – the exam boards have published information on their websites on how this will work for each of their specifications in these subjects. Students taking GCSEs in all other subjects will be given advance information about the focus of the content of the exams to support their revision
  • students taking GCSE mathematics will be given in their exams copies of formulae they would in other years have to memorise
  • students taking GCSE physics and combined science will be given in their exams a sheet covering all the equations they might need to apply in the exams

Information for candidates

St Antony’s Roman Catholic School is committed to ensuring that candidates are fully briefed on the exam and assessment process in place in the centre.

Please click here to see the ‘Information for Candidates’ briefing slides shown to you during form time.

Here is the revised ‘Information for Candidates 2021-22’ handbook.

The purpose of the handbook is:

  • To make you aware of the required JCQ/awarding body instructions, regulations and information for candidates.
  • To inform candidates about malpractice in examinations/assessments
  • To inform candidates about the use of their personal data and copyright
  • To ensure candidates are provided with all relevant information about their exams and assessments in advance of any exams/assessments being taken
  • To ensure copies of relevant JCQ information for candidates documents and exam room posters are provided in advance of any exams/assessments being taken
  • It also provides some helpful JCQ guidance regarding coursework and controlled assessments.

It is very important that you have read and understand the document before any assessments or exams.

Please click here for a useful video outlining the key information for candidates.

For an interesting blog from Ofqual on Exams and Assessments in 2022, please click here.

Adaptations and Advanced Information Summary – Summer 2022

Advance information is new for 2022. It’s part of the package of support available for your summer exams this year, in recognition of the disruption to your education caused by the pandemic. The aim of advance information is to help guide and prioritise your revision. It will give you information on the focus of the content of exams in summer 2022 for most subjects.

Please click here for the Adaptations and Advanced Information Summary document.

Summer 2022 Examination Timetables

Exam timetables:

The exam boards have now published their timetables for the summer 2022 examination series which can be found here.

Managing Exam Stress 

A collection of advice, guidance and resources to help you with exam stress and anxieties can be found here and here.

Contingency Day

The awarding bodies have designated Wednesday 29 June 2022 as a ‘contingency day’ for examinations. This is consistent with the qualification regulators’ document Exam system contingency plan: England, Wales and Northern Ireland – gov.uk/government/publications/ exam-system-contingency-plan-england-wales-and-northern-ireland

The designation of a ‘contingency day’ within the common examination timetable is in the event of national or significant local disruption to examinations in the United Kingdom.

It is part of the awarding bodies’ standard contingency planning for examinations. We must therefore remind you that you must remain available until Wednesday 29 June 2022 should an awarding body need to invoke its contingency plan. 

Qualification Summary Information

KS4 Qualifications, Qualification Type and Exam Boards

KS4 Qualification Qualification Type Exam Board
English Language GCSE AQA
English Literature GCSE AQA
Maths GCSE Pearson
RE GCSE Eduqas
Combined Science GCSE Pearson
Geography GCSE Eduqas
History GCSE Pearson
Computer Science GCSE OCR
Sport Science Cambridge National OCR
Business GCSE Eduqas
Engineering Cambridge National OCR
Art and Design GCSE Eduqas
Graphic Art and Design GCSE Eduqas
Textile Art and Design GCSE Eduqas
Food and Nutrition GCSE AQA
Music BTEC Pearson