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Year 11 Student Ambassadors

Our Ambassadors

Head Boy: Rhys Farquharson

Head Girl: Niamh Kazmi

Deputy Head Boy: Luke Munro

Deputy Head Girls: Erin Bailey and Summer Wood

What do student ambassadors do?

Student ambassadors are good role models in all areas of school life. They are dependable and approachable students who are committed to improving the school and care about the opinions of their fellow students.  The contribute to decision making and support the school Leadership Team in various activities.

During their last year at St Antony’s Student Ambassadors take on a number of responsibilities around the school with the purpose of improving the school. The Student Ambassadors develop their leadership skills by chairing the year group forum council meetings and then provide feedback from these meetings. They also help out at various school events in the school calendar. A group of student ambassadors run the whole school council meetings.  They also work alongside Lower School Form Tutors during form times to check uniform and equipment and provide a positive role model for our younger students.


How do I become a student ambassador?

At the end of year 10 there will be an opportunity for all students to apply for this role. Students must fill in an application form and then will be interviewed to ensure their suitability for this role.





Meet our Head Boy

Head Boy Name: Rhys Farquharson

Former School: St Matthews CE Primary School

Why I enjoy STA: “I enjoy the fact that the school inspires me to be the best I can be and helps me to achieve my goals."

Trips and Visits: “I have been on the ski trip, and a fieldtrip for my Geography to Llandudno, I am also looking forward to going on the rewards trip to Liverpool."

Enrichment: “I have taken part in the school football team, cricket team and basketball team."”.

Why I would recommend STA: “The teachers are welcoming with open arms and they support you all the way through High School."

Next Step: ”I want to go to LLS and get a BTEC in sports and either carry on my dream to become a professional footballer or become a personal trainer."



Meet our Head Girl

Name: Niamh Kazmi

Former School: St. Ann's RC Primary School

Why I enjoy STA: "I enjoy the support from the teachers relating to things inside and outside of the classroom, and the way that everybody knows each other as small but welcoming community."”.

Trips and Visits: “I have been to France and Manchester University”.

Enrichment: “I have taken part in the Debate Club, and I was a peer mentor."”.

Why I would recommend STA: “The chance to attend a smaller school where you can grow your confidence and meet new friends is very good.”.

Next Step: “I want to take A-levels in film studies and English, as I would like to be a screenwriter."



Meet our Deputy Head Boy

Name: Luke Munro

Former School: Davyhulme Primary School

Why I enjoy STA: “All of the staff are very encouraging towards the students and want them to do well in every subject area."”.

Trips and Visits: “I have been on a Geography trip to Llandudno.”.

Enrichment: “I have taken part in Music Club and Lunchtime Club.”.

Why I would recommend STA: “I would recommend St Antony's because it helps the students build their confidence. The teachers are always willing to guide the students."”.

Next Step: “I would like to study creative media/music at Loreto College.”.

Meet our Deputy Head Girl

Name: Erin Bailey

Former School: St Hugh of Lincoln Roman Catholic Primary

Why I enjoy STA: “It has helped me gain so much more confidence since year 7 and I have been able to experience new things that I wouldn't have been able to do otherwise."”.

Trips and Visits: “Italy, London, Alton Towers, Wales”.

Enrichment: “I have really enjoyed doing book club, drum lessons and CCF”.

Why I would recommend STA: “It's a really friendly, welcoming place and gives you new opportunities."”.

Next Step: “I would like to study science A-Levels and go into veterinary science later on.”.

Meet our Deputy Head Girl

Name: Summer Wood

Former School: Flixton Primary School

Why I enjoy STA: “The atmosphere at St Antony's is always positive and welcoming, the teachers are always supportive and give us many opportunities."”.

Trips and Visits: “I have been to France, Alton Towers and universities. ”.

Enrichment: “I have taken part in a Debate club, netball and have been a peer mentor throughout year 10.”.

Why I would recommend STA: “We are always encouraged to be the best we can be, developing our confidence and aspirations.”.

Next Step: “I hope to study A levels at college.”