PHSE at St Antony's

At St Antony's the focus is on more than just exams. We are committed to provide a broad and balanced, tolerant Catholic education and part of this is our PHSE programme, delivered to all students from Year 7 to Year 11. Every year, normal lessons are cancelled for three days so that we can deliver our 'PHSE days'. These days cover 'personal, health and social education' for our students. Each year has a certain focus for the days from 'relationships', 'personal safety', 'healthy eating' to 'team building' and 'drugs education'. Year 10 and 11 students benefit from careers education in various forms. PSHE ensures that we also cover our legal obligations with regards to Sex and Relationship Education.

To enrich our content at St Antony's we also use the Salford Diocese Caritas in Action resources to assist our delivery.

This allows us to look more in-depth on themes such as:

  1. The dignity of the human person.
  2. Family and community.
  3. Solidarity and the common good.
  4. Rights and responsibilities.
  5. Options for the poor and vulnerable.
  6. The dignity of work.
  7. Stewardship.