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Character Education


Our Character Education is inextricably tied to our mission statement - Let the Light and Splendour of Christ shine from Within Us all. We use this to help us guide students towards being the best version of themselves. For this to be the case, we believe in building character, so that students can be successful at school but also in their communities. We also want this to be the case at future points in all aspects of their lives.

We now have 5 core school values which drive our Character Education and which influence our Behaviour and Values Curriculum. These are:

  • respect
  • love
  • service
  • integrity
  • resilience

We use these values consistently in our messaging about character - in assemblies, in form time Me and You sessions, in our Personal Development curriculum lessons, in our conversations with students, in our communication with families.

Under the value of service, we are very proud of the many contributions our students make to the school community. Whether that is serving as a pupil panelist for staff interviews, as a school representative during Open Evening, as a Sports Leader, as an Inclusion Ambassador, or a Mental Health Champion, a Sports Team captain, an Anti-Bullying Ambassador, Eco Team member or GIFT team member.

We are especially grateful to the Student Council Representatives and the Student Leadership team, who have all been very carefully elected by forms or by staff to their roles. We know that they take these positions seriously, to represent their peers or the school as important leaders. You can find out more about their service and leadership below.

What does the Student Leadership Team do?

The student leadership team are good role models in all areas of school life. They are dependable and approachable students who are committed to improving the school and care about the opinions of their fellow students. They contribute to decision-making and support the school Leadership Team in various activities. They embody our core values of respect, love, service, resilience and integrity.

During their last year at St Antony’s, the Student Leadership Team take on a number of leadership responsibilities. They help out at various school events in the school calendar, they assist senior leaders with lunchtime supervision of the site, they assist Sr Linda with readings at Mass, and they consistently act as a positive role model for our younger students.

Wonder how to be involved? In Year 10 there will be an opportunity for all students to apply for this role. Students must fill in an application form and then will be interviewed to ensure their suitability for this role.

Head Boy: Liam Harris

Head Girl: Leah Stewart

Deputy Head Boys: James Rowan and Kieran Hurren

Deputy Head Girls: Chloe Johnson and Cerys Calderbank

Student Leadership

Rosie Kasznicki

Krista Emmerson

Callum Roberston

Saoirse Duffy

Josh McVeigh

Freya McAllen

Kathlyn Orbell

Summer Lawrence

Milly Morris

Lili Bellis

Sophia Brookes

Skye Walsh

Bruktiet Tesfaye

Kate Sungsanket

Molly Summerfield