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Thanks to Mr Brownbill, Mr Giblin and your other staff for today’s STEM day as my class loved it! Lots of great learning opportunities about coding, programming, algorithms etc. that related to many of our objectives in Science, DT and ICT for Year 5 all delivered in a very accessible way. The children have got some very positive memories of St Antony’s. Paul, Teacher at English Martyrs RC Primary School.

I hope you are well,  I thought you might like to hear how ****** is getting on at Xaverian.  He has settled amazingly into A levels and is now doing 4 ; chemistry , maths, further maths and French.  We received his first term report and are very proud of him as he is working at A star in chemistry ( please let Mr Uglow know!), A in maths and French and B in further maths. He is a student ambassador so carrying on where he left off with you ! We are  very grateful to you and your fab team for the support he got which gave  him the confidence to achieve and look forward to **** experiencing it too and continuing our journey with the St Antony’s family. Tracey, Y11 Parent

I know that you are working hard to stay on top of outbreaks, as I regularly read the school updates, so just wanted to feedback.  You have kept **** safe all of this time through the pandemic, so I am grateful for everything being done at St Antony’s. James, Y9 Parent

Just wanted to send you many thanks for everything you did for *** during her time at St Antony’s. We really appreciate how you took on the challenge of our then special little girl and you have helped form the remarkable young lady we have today. Her time with you at St Antony’s installed her with the confidence to try anything and the thought process ‘believe you can and your halfway there’! You may yet see her in the winter Olympic of 2026. Michelle, Y11 Parent

We just wanted to say thanks to you all for the warm welcome we received when we brought ***** to visit last week.  We all got a fantastic feeling from everyone at St Antony’s and it went a long way to easing ***** fears of moving into year 7.  Please pass on our thanks to Mrs Wright and the rest of your team. Mark & Melissa, Y6 Parents 

I just wanted to say thank you to all the staff and students that welcomed us to the open evening. ***** really enjoyed it and he was very impressed (as we were too). From sitting on the very front row of the hall to listen to the headteacher talk, to building the tallest secure structure in maths (he managed 75cm, the teacher even had to go and get a longer ruler!). He loved using a Bunsen burner in the science room. All in all he felt really comfortable with the school and I think he will love it.
Thank you so much for making the secondary school decision so easy. Chrissie, Y6 Parent 

I am writing to say a huge thank you and well done. After visiting the school on Monday evening, we left feeling very impressed.  Thank you to everyone who put in demonstrations and activities, and for taking the time to answer many if not hundreds of questions. It was really reassuring. I know the technology area was a real hit with not only my child but other children. It really was lovely to see what goes on at St Antony’s.  In particular I would like to say thank you to the Sen department. The Den looked fantastic and very welcoming. As a parent of a child with Sen needs, it was comforting to see and speak to such a passionate, knowledgeable and caring team of people. Making every effort to speak to myself AND my child. Thank you to the Sendco and her department.  Again we left confident, knowing that if St Antony’s is the path we choose to go down, we will be more than confident with the support on offer, that it will be the right choice. Erin, Y6 Parent

I am sorry this is a late email, but we wanted to thank you both and all staff involved in the running of the summer school. It was such a great, well organised and successful week. Our son ******* in 7W found it a huge benefit, giving him an insight into the lessons, the staff and layout of the school, it also calmed his nerves for when the school year fully commenced. Thank you to all the staff and students involved giving up their time to make this happen, it was really appreciated. Mrs Windridge & Mr Marshall, Y7 Parents

We are writing to you to thank you and your staff for all you have done for **** during her time at St Antony’s. **** is leaving St Antony’s full of hope and confidence for the future with (hopefully!) a range of good GCSE grades and she now plans to attend Sixth Form College and/or enter a Traineeship.  This end to her life at St Antony’s is very different to the one we expected when we first brought her to the school. **** had missed almost all of her Primary and Junior school life due to her autism not being diagnosed until Year 6.  She was academically behind, socially immature and very frustrated and angry generally.  However, from the very first day, you and your staff (and the SENDCO department in particular) have made every adjustment necessary to accommodate **** and her needs and, as a result, during her time at St Anthony’s she has been transformed into an academically gifted, socially confident young woman, full of opinions, ideas and ambitions. This is, to an extent, due to ****’s determination and courage and due to our input as parents.  However, it is also, to a great extent, due to the care, professionalism, patience and understanding that you and your staff have shown to **** every day she has been at St Antony’s.  The impact you have had on her life and the difference you have made to her future is immeasurable and we will forever be grateful. We will recommend St Antony’s to any parent as a superb school which nurtures and cares for the pupils, with excellent, professional staff and an environment in which children can grow, thrive and succeed, both academically and socially.  The Ofsted reports do not do the school justice at all. Matthew and Alison, Y11 Parents

I just wanted to thank you and all the staff in year 7 who have taught ****** this year. Tonight’s parents evening was the best ****** has ever had. ****** has always struggled at school and is sometimes easily distracted and falls behind. Since starting at St Antony’s his confidence has grown and he has developed an ‘I can do’ attitude rather than an ‘I can’t’ attitude. I put this down to the amazing teaching staff in building his confidence up and encouraging him. Every teacher couldn’t speak highly enough about him and his attitude to work. I know it hasn’t been an easy year for staff and students, but please pass on my thanks to all the staff, he couldn’t of done it without their help. The school has done amazing. Kathryn, Y7 Parent

Just wanted to say a huge thank you to you and all of your staff for being absolutely amazing throughout lockdown. The home schooling on Teams was organised so so well and ******** was able to access his lessons with ease and confidence during such a strange time.  All teachers have been wonderful, showing support and dedication, something that has always stood out about the school, they really are a credit to you.  ******** went into school for his covid test today and again, everything was smooth and well run. He felt well supported and safe and is really looking forward to returning to school tomorrow! We are so pleased that our daughter ****  has accepted her place with you for September, there was nowhere else she wanted to go, we will have two happy children in high school. Eleni & Mike, Y6 & Y9 Parents

My name is Emma and I’m ******’s mum. Tonight we chatted about school, as we do most nights, but tonight he was so positive and enthusiastic about school, work, friends and his teachers, especially his form tutor, that I felt I should share this with you. ****** has settled in so well, it’s like he has always been there. Myself and ******’s Dad are so pleased with this and cannot begin to say how grateful we are that he is so settled and doing so well. Thank you for taking the time to read this email. And thank you for all your and your staffs hard work. Emma, Y7 Parent

We would just like to say a massive thank you for all the fantastic work you are doing for *** and all the children in your care. We have found the online classes have been working well for *** as in the last lockdown he struggled. Your teachers are amazing they always sound enthusiastic and keep the children interested and under control. As a parent I can honestly say I could not do your job, you all deserve a pay rise and I think any parent sat at home working would say the same. So, thank you to an amazing school keep up the fantastic work and stay safe in these difficult times. Jane, Y11 Parent

It was lovely to meet Mr Uglow, watch Mrs Ingham in action and see the students working hard and enjoying learning. The school staff have a lot to be proud of, they have fostered an aspiring, healthy and respectful atmosphere. Raji, Prospective Teacher

I just wanted to email to let you know how polite your pupils are.  I walk with my dog to collect my daughter every day and the pupils walking always make way to let me pass.  They smile and acknowledge myself and  my dog!  It’s a pleasure to see such well-mannered and polite kids.  Keep up the good work as the current pupils are a credit to all the staff! Sarah,  Member of the Community

I am so grateful to have such a fabulous school in our community, you have all been so inspirational through the whole lockdown and I appreciate and thank you all. Michelle, Member of the Community

Please accept my thanks and pass them on to all your staff for helping **** settle into high school. I can’t be more thrilled with how smooth the transition has gone, mainly because **** has been made to feel valued and respected by your staff. Once again many thanks for all your professionalism, warmth and hard work. Maxine, Y7 Parent

I just wanted to let you know how pleased we are with how ******* is doing in Year 8. Not just academically but also in her self confidence. Her teachers are obviously doing a great job. It’s the time of year when lots of parents are talking about  choosing high schools at the primary school gates and I have been recommending St Antony’s for its excellent pastoral care and communication with parents. Juliet, Y8 Parent

Hi everyone! My daughter just got a place at St Anthony’s – our first choice so am really pleased! But she is nervous… particularly about being bullied with it being a new school. Just wondering if anyone has any positive experiences / feedback I could share with her please , to set her mind at ease? Georgina, Worried Y6 Parent – Feedback Received Below:

Both my children moved to St Antony’s in years 8 and year 10 after a very bad experience at another school, both of them have flourished and were made to feel so welcome. The staff are amazing and approachable and go above and beyond. The school is small and as such they really get to know the children and nip any unacceptable behaviour in the bud. My son is nearing the end of year 11 and I couldn’t be happier. I would highly recommend. Sarah, Y8 & Y10 Parent

My daughter is in Y11 & I found out that my son has his place there in September. Honestly the school is amazing in every way. My daughter has had the most amazing 5 yrs there. Really have been some of the best days of her life so far. There transition program is very good. Zoe, Y6 & Y11 Parent

My daughter is in Y10 and loves it never had any trouble small school so the teachers get to know everybody individually. Julia, Y10 Parent

My son is in year 7 at St Antony’s and he loves it. I was worried about him starting High School for the bullying reasons but we definitely chose the right one. He’s like a different child now, much more confident etc.. he’s pretty shy but he made friends straight away. The teachers are great too Michelle, Y7 Parent

My daughter is in year 8 and I have nothing but praise for the school and its teachers. Mrs Wright is a fantastic head and all the teachers really care about their students. Laura, Y8 Parent

All my boys went there and had an amazing time, great teachers. Lynn, Past Parent

My daughter has just had her place confirmed for September. Our son is in year 8 and absolutely loves it! Amazing teachers and Mrs Wright is a fantastic head. We are so happy with the school, our son is flying. Its a small friendly environment too which we love for a secondary school.  Eleni, Y6 & Y8 Parent

I worked there and it’s a fabulous school. The staff are amazing and don’t stand for any messing. Any issues will be dealt with swiftly.  Your daughter will be made to feel very welcome from the minute she starts her new journey with there. The transition they have in place is amazing – she will have a ball. Geraldine, Former Staff Member

I left St Antony’s 7 years ago and my sister is now in year 9 and we’ve both loved every second ! Bethany, Previous Pupil