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Home Learning

Introduction to homework

Home Learning adds another year of education. Research has shown that over the 5 years of secondary school, students can add another year’s worth of learning if they maximise on home learning opportunities set across Key Stage 3 and 4. This is why we take home learning seriously as it offers students a real chance to enhance what happens in the classroom.

We expect all St Antony’s students to establish good learning routines and to take home learning opportunities seriously by completing tasks on time and to a good standard.

Home learning is monitored throughout the academic year and is communicated to parents through data drop reports.  If students fall below our expectations, interventions are put in place to support the student with getting back on track with their learning outside the classroom.

We believe that home learning is a crucial part of the student’s learning journey and success in this area will help them to know more and remember more of our ambitious, well sequenced curriculum, therefore enabling all pupils to make excellent progress.

We know that home learning:

  • Involves parents/carers and keep them informed about the learning of students
  • Helps with personal skills, such as time-planning
  • Develops students’ capacity to cope with independent learning

Our main way to set and monitor home learning is through a website called Satchel One. Teachers set homework, with details of a task and a deadline, and monitor its submission. The Satchel One system helps learners and their parents/carers know what exactly needs doing for which subject and teacher, improve time-management and personal organisation by using the deadlines to manage workload and monitor the outcomes of homework once it has been submitted. It is also possible to message staff on Satchel one if assistance is needed over a homework task.

Support with revision homework

Most students try to revise in the wrong ways, ones that are proven to be the least helpful. So, we’ve been working with KS4, and now KS3, at helping students to have a better understanding of how the brain stores information effectively and methods that students might use to help them remember what they need to know for tests and examinations. There are a series of videos that they have had shared with them in form time – but they are also shared here so that students can access them again:

STAR workshop - Session 1

STAR workshop - Session 2

STAR workshop - Session 3

STAR workshop - Session 4

STAR workshop - Session 5

STAR workshop - Session 6

STAR workshop - Session 7

STAR workshop - Session 8

STAR workshop - Session 9

STAR workshop - Session 10


Remote and Extended Learning

For remote and extended learning away from the classroom, please use your school logins to access linked learning such as Seneca, Dr Frost, and Bedrock.

You can also use BBC Bitesize resources or KS4 exam resources which are topic-linked to the learning of your curriculum areas. Have a look at the overview for your curriculum as a reminder of what to explore.