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Meet the Staff

Leadership and Safeguarding Teams

Headteacher - Mr A. Campbell

Deputy Headteacher (Curriculum) - Mr P. Giblin

Assistant Headteacher (Safeguarding) - Mr K. Speake

Assistant Headteacher (Teaching Standards, QA, Literacy) - Mr S. Durham

Assistant Headteacher (Personal Development) - Mrs A. Harris

Assistant Headteacher (Pastoral) - Mr M. James

Assistant Headteacher (CPD, ECTs, ITTs, Homework) - Mr D. Shaw

Associate SLT (Attendance) - Ms E. Doherty

Associate SLT (Cover) - Mrs L. Adderley

Designated Safeguarding Lead - Mr K. Speake

Deputy DSL - Ms E. Doherty

Deputy DSL - Mr M. James

Deputy DSL - Ms N. Harris

Deputy DSL - Mr J. Haughton

Curriculum Leaders

English - Mrs M. Smith

Maths - Ms S. Gibson

Science - Mr P. Uglow

RE - Miss C. Bartlett

Art and DT - Mr S. Reese

Careers - Ms R. Williams

Computing - Mr R. Grant

Geography - Mr E. Kearney

History - Mrs L. James

Languages - Mrs M. Stevens

Music - Ms S. Quinn

PE - Mr L. Brownbill

PSHE and Citizenship - Mr C. Betton

SEND - Mrs L. Weinberg and Mrs L. Adderley

Key Support Staff

Admissions - Ms C. Mortell

Business Manager - Mrs B. Redmond

Catering - Mrs N. Gorman

Cover supervisors - Mrs B. Braithwaite, Ms R. Walsh, Mrs J. Wright

Headteacher's PA/HR Officer - Mrs K. Rothwell

Network Manager - Mr A. Child

Premises - Mr T. Redmond

Reception - Mrs G. Worthe & Ms G. Quirke

Pastoral Staff

Head of Y7 - Miss F. McMahon

Head of Y8 - Miss H. Ruddock

Head of Y9 - Mr R. Taylor

Head of Y10 - Mrs S. Hayes

Head of Y11 - Mrs S. Holmes

Pastoral support - Mrs P. Archer,  Mr J. Haughton and Mrs M. Kavanagh

Mentors - Ms N. Harris and Mr F. McDonald