Pastoral Support

Role of the Head of Year

The head of year supports the work of the form tutors and is attached to a year group. They co-ordinate the work of the form tutors to ensure there is a consistent approach throughout the college. The head of years are, in turn, supported by the assistant headteacher and the deputy principal and they will become involved in any situation which requires the experience of the most senior members of staff in the college.

Head of Year 7: Mrs Adderley
Head of Year 8: Mr Parker-Smith
Head of Year 9: Mrs Edge
Head of KS4: Mrs Doherty
Assistant Headteacher: Mr Speake
Deputy Headteacher: Mr Giblin

Role of the Form Tutor

We want all our pupils to feel that they are known, cared for and are valued members of our community. We want them to know that they have someone who can deal with their worries and concerns, no matter how large or small. All pupils are in the care of a form tutor, who is the key person in the college’s pastoral care system. The form teacher is supported by one or more assistant form tutors. The form teacher and assistant see the form twice each day and they are the first point of contact for pupils. The form tutor monitors each pupil’s academic progress, attendance, punctuality and general wellbeing and development throughout the year.

Form Form Teacher
7A Ms E Boyce
7B Mrs K Nuttall
7C Mr R Taylor
7M Mr G Hunt
7W Mrs R Ingham
8A Ms C Bartlett
8B Mrs R Williams
8C Mrs S Holmes
8M Mrs C Mackenzie
8W Mr G White
9A Mr S Reynard
9B Ms S Denikiewicz
9C Mr M Fearn
9W Mrs M Smith/Ms R Mayall
10A Dr S Ingham
10B Mr S Reese
10C Ms S Johnson/Mrs S Ward
10W Mr L Brownbill
11A Mr T Murphy
11B Mr E Kearney
11C Mrs A McDonald


Primary Transition

We believe it is extremely important that all our new pupils feel happy and confident about starting their secondary college life. Throughout the academic year there is regular contact with all our partner primary schools following an excellent transition programme. Teachers from the primary schools and from St Antony’s liaise closely to ensure a smooth transition between schools and to allow year 6 pupils to familiarise themselves with the staff and structure of their new school. Throughout the academic year, there are many opportunities to visit our Catholic College.

Head of Year 7: Mrs Adderley