Departmental Objective:

The main aim of the Mathematics Department is to equip each and every student with the numeracy and problem solving skills that they will need in the future. We also provide everybody with the opportunity to enjoy mathematics in a functional manner that will be of use in real life.


There are 4 dedicated Mathematics classrooms all of which are equipped with interactive whiteboards.

Key Stage 3

Throughout KS3 students are taught in sets according to their ability. Key Stage 2 results are used for initial benchmarking in Year 7, whilst in Year 8 and 9, setting is based on attainment and performance in the continuous assessment and end of year optional SATs exam results.

Year 7

The topics studied this year are Algebra, Number, Geometry and Measures, Statistics with opportunities to use and apply their subject knowledge in problem solving scenarios. There will be one assessment per term and an end of year test.

Year 8

The topics studied are Number and Algebra, Geometry and Measures, Statistics, Number, Algebra, Solving Problems and several Using and Applying mathematics exercises. There are different stages for different abilities. There will be one assessment per term and end of year test.

Year 9 and Key Stage 4

Year 9 ,10 and 11

Following the changes to the GCSE to 9-1, preparations for the curriculum now begin in Year 9. This includes all the areas Number, Algebra, Ratio, Proportion and Rates of Change, Geometry and Measures, Probability and Statistics. Students will study towards the tier of entry best suited to their ability, either Foundation or Higher.

Pupils are offered GCSE entry at Higher Tier (9-4) or Foundation Tier (5-1) GCSE exams in Year 11. There will be one assessment per half term in Year 9 and 10. Pupils also sit a variety of preparatory examinations including

  • GCSE Mock Mathematics Examination Summer term Year 10
  • GCSE Mock Mathematics Examination November Year 11
  • GCSE Mock Mathematics Examination January Year 11.
  • GCSE Mock Mathematics Examination March Year 11.

Pupils study all topics relevant to the curriculum.

GCSE consists of three 90 minute papers. Paper 1 is non calculator and paper 2 and paper 3 are calculator papers, at both Higher and Foundation tiers

The Mathematics Department recommends that all pupils use a Casio fx-83GT Plus.

Useful Websites – every student has access to this and has their own username and password. This site is referred to in class and clip numbers for homework are given. – a variety of revision resources best suited to GCSE.