Departmental Objective:

To develop a variety of skills, including those that can be used in other subject areas such as composing, performing, listening skills etc. Facilities:

  • 20 x Yamaha Keyboards
  • 3 Music Practice Rooms
  • 12 Apple Mac Book Pro Laptops
  • Guitars
  • Drum Kits
  • Brass Instruments
  • Classroom Percussion

Key Stage 3

All students study music as part of the school curriculum. Students experience a variety of activities where the emphasis is to develop creativity through working with a range of different instruments and techniques.

Year 7

In year seven students study the following topics:

  • Staff Notation
  • The Elements of Music
  • Instruments of the Orchestra
  • Wider Opportunities (Trumpets)
  • Ukuleles

Year 8

In year eight students study the following topics:

  • Programme music
  • Themes and Variations
  • Music and the Media
  • Ukuleles

Year 9

In year nine students study the following topics:

  • The Blues
  • Film Music
  • The History of Pop Music
  • Song writing
  • Music Sequencing ‘Garage Band’

Key Stage 4

Students can opt for a BTEC Music First Award (level 1 – 2) qualification, where they are encouraged to explore the subject in more depth and develop specialist skills.

BTEC First Award

This course is great for students to attain knowledge of music in the working industry and develop skills that are essential as budding musicians. This course can lead to the BTEC Diploma in Music or an A Level in Music or Music Technology.

Skills needed and developed

The course builds on knowledge from Key Stage 3 and gives students the opportunity to further develop a variety of skills.

(eg) Individual performance skills, Ensemble skills, Composition skills, Team work skills, Planning and organisational skills

Assessment Methods:

75% Coursework  25% Written Examination (Externally Marked)

Qualification gained at completion of the course:

B-TEC First Award is equivalent to 1 GCSE

Possible Pathways and Careers:

  • Various career opportunities within music technology. (eg. Studio,Television and Radio work)
  • Music Composer
  • Music Conductor
  • Music Teacher
  • Popular / Classical Musician

Extra Curricular Activities

Students have the opportunity to participate in a variety of extra-curricular activities:

  • The Music Room is open for rehearsals at dinner times
  • We have a wide variety of instrumental lessons on offer in the Music Department. (eg. Piano, Drum Kit, Electric/Acoustic Guitar)
  • The Guitar Club with Mr Morris
  • The Year 7 Choir (made up of students from every Year 7 form) who sing at every end of term school Mass at St Hugh of Lincoln Church.